Finding The Time for YOU

The phrase “not enough time in the day” never felt truer, until I became a mom. A working mom at that. It’s funny, I can remember hearing mothers speak of how they never have time to do this or do that, and that going to the bathroom was where they could finally get a moment of peace. It seemed so strange; there are 24 hours in a day, you can for sure find an hour to yourself?? I now know exactly what they were talking about. And sometimes it’s not that you can’t find the time, it’s just that your priorities change and whatever you used to do with “free time” is now taken up by building forts, reading stories, playing chase, fixing boo boos, and so on. I would not trade an afternoon playing in the park, for a pedicure … but I will tell you, I can’t wait for the moment my toddler, Lilly, is old enough to get her toes done with me!

How do I find the time for me in a finely calculated day, between work, family, house chores and sleep? Oh, and did I mention, that all the while I started a business with my sisters? I am sure so many of you can relate. So when do you find that time for You? Well, that’s why you are here….

                I have been realizing, that sacrificing a little R&R for yourself doesn’t do anyone any good. We all need a little time to reconnect with ourselves, without feeling guilty about it. The guilt is what I struggled with the most. How do I do a little something for me, without sacrificing time away from my little one or husband? After all, I work full time, so being away from my family for 9 hours a day is a lot. That’s why every moment I have, I want to soak it up with my daughter. As the weeks fly by (as everyone tells you they will), I realize more and more how I need to cherish this time, as she will be grown up before I know it. Okay, sorry for the tears! There has to be a balance. A way to feel like I’m fulfilling my motherly duties, while taking care of myself. And there is! In this post I hope to enlighten you on ways to find that little bit of extra time. I will also share a few things I find most helpful to unwind, reflect, and pamper oneself, so you don’t neglect the most important person, YOU! After all, your family needs you to be the best you!

1. Time Management

It all starts with time management. Lately, I have been carving out about a half hour at night (once Lilly is asleep of course) to reflect on the day. It is nice to take a moment after a hectic day to just breathe. One thing I have been enjoying recently is unwinding with a nice cup of hot tea with honey, while journaling about the day. My tea of choice has been anything herbal with ginger. I like the distinct bite that ginger has, in addition, the benefits in a cup of tea are amazing. It reduces blood pressure, cleanses the kidneys, re-hydrates, contains essential oils, feeds the brain, is great for the heart, supports a clean GI tract, is a form of cancer treatment, has anti- bacterial properties, enhances the health your immune system, soothes an upset stomach and ginger is an overall great detox. Now that is one impressive list! I find sipping on tea therapeutic in a way, and my husband has been enjoying this little wind down moment with me as well. This has been a great way for us to reconnect and catch up on our hectic day, because it isn’t always easy with a toddler running around.

2. Document Milestones/Journaling

Speaking of toddler, my Lilly is growing up too fast!  So documenting each milestone helps me relive precious moments, whenever I want to. It is also great for when I do need to go back and reference when something happened. I am constantly being asked, “at what age did she do that?” Uhh...? As a child, I loved journaling and I remember looking back many years later at what I had written and it putting a smile on my face, or giving me a good chuckle. There are many benefits to journaling as well, but the one that strikes a chord with me the most, was the fact that journaling clears your emotions and reduces stress. It also makes goal setting become achievable. Putting it out there, helps them come to forewishing. It is actually said you should journal every day, so I have been keeping a fancy little leather bond journal in my nightstand, so I can easily jot down my thoughts before getting some shut eye. 

3. Wake Up Earlier

I have been finding that mornings can also be a bit relaxing … IF you plan them out right. I started setting my clock a half hour earlier than usual, so I can indulge in some pampering, while the morning hour is still quite - if you know what I mean :).  A new guilty pleasure of mine … 24K gold eye masks! Sounds so fancy, doesn’t it?! I recently found this little gem and I have been obsessed! My puffy morning eye problems, are no more. These have done wonders for me in the morning, after a long day. They rejuvenate the eyes, by adding in moisture, and reducing fine lines and puffiness instantly. The best part is, it only takes 15 minutes! I can simply apply while having a cup of coffee or doing other morning tasks, with no wasted time. Now, this isn’t something I do every morning. I change up the allotted morning “me time” with other things I want to conquer, that the day won’t allow me to. Whether it be an at home mani/ pedi, facial mask or even side business things … you get the idea. 

All in all, I love the busy life I live, and wouldn’t change a thing. I frequently stop and remind myself to sit back, take it all in and enjoy living in the moment. Having dedicated time to myself, has really made me feel better in the day to day hustle of life. We all need a moment of self nourishment, because it is so easy to put ourselves aside and let the day get away.